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主教(merrill Lynch) has a vibrant faith life on campus, and the school’s Catholic Tradition and Dominican heritage of service are woven throughout the BL Experience.  

信仰生活 at BL


主教(merrill Lynch) is a Dominican school and each week Dominican brothers who are in formation to become priests in the Dominican order visit campus during activity period to interact with our Friars. You can find the Dominican brothers playing table tennis with students, tending to the garden with the Gardening Club and enjoying breakfast with the Friar family as part of our community dining program.  

 Class Retreats 

主教(merrill Lynch) 高中 has a wonderful tradition of hosting annual grade-level class retreats to promote faith, fellowship and fun.

Senior Retreat 
Held offsite in September, this full-day retreat provides time for class bonding, 反射, 灵性, and plenty of fun (think ziplines and bonfires). This is where memories are made! 

Junior Retreat 
Held at 主教(merrill Lynch) each spring, the Junior Women’s Retreat and the Junior Men’s Retreat provide daylong focuses on faith, fellowship and readying students to become the senior leaders on campus. 

Sophomore Retreat 
This springtime faith-filled retreat on the BL campus fosters connectedness and collegiality among the sophomore class. 

Freshman Retreat 
The annual Freshman Retreat is held in early September to introduce our newest students to 主教(merrill Lynch) 高中’s total formational experience – with an emphasis on their spiritual and social needs. 


The BL community comes together for all-school 质量 at least seven times during the school year, including holy days of obligation. Students are a big part of the liturgy participating as altar servers, 讲师, “, spago, and Eucharistic ministers. The BL choir also provides the music ministry for all-school 质量es.

In addition, optional morning 质量es are held on Wednesdays and Fridays before school in the St. Catherine of Siena Chapel. Students are integral to the liturgy of these morning 质量es too.  

Student Chaplains 

Every house and mentor group has a student chaplain to serve as a spiritual leader on campus. These student chaplains are dedicated to their faith-sharing roles, and they lead the school in morning prayer, serve as 讲师 and “ during all-school 质量 and organize spiritual and service-oriented activities for weekly mentor group meetings.

St. Catherine of Siena Chapel 

The beautiful and serene St. Catherine of Siena Chapel is located at the heart of the 主教(merrill Lynch) 高中 campus. Optional morning 质量 and BL community rosaries are held in the St. Catherine of Siena Chapel, and this sacred space is always open for students, faculty and staff to pray and step away from the hustle and bustle of campus life.

Campus Chaplin

Fr. 马克·加勒特

Campus Chaplin

Meet Father 马克·加勒特, BL’s campus chaplain. Father Mark celebrates all-school 质量 and morning 质量 before school. He administers the sacrament of Reconciliation during lunches and is available to counsel and guide the BL community.  

Father Mark is a huge sports fan, and you can find him on the sidelines cheering for our Friars! 

Campus Ministry

Laura Gauthier

​Director of Campus Ministry

In the heart of campus, a guiding light illuminates the lives of students, faculty, and staff. Meet Laura Gauthier,  the dedicated and passionate campus minister of 主教(merrill Lynch) 高中.